This line of unique jewelry boxes is the creation of Linnaea Holgers James. One of Linnaea’s favorite stories from her childhood is The Lion in the Box, by Marguerite de Angeli. It is the tale of a New York family of five children, headed by a widowed mother. What looks to be a stark holiday for the family becomes a Merry Christmas when a huge crate arrives at their apartment while the mother is at work. The deliverymen teases the children by telling them not to open the box until their mother gets home—there might be a lion in the box! In fact, the box contains wonderful gifts from a wealthy woman the mother had met. The name of the book stuck with Linnaea over the years and especially as she designed her jewelry boxes.

Linnaea makes and sells her boxes at her art gallery, Artisans Gallery, in Santa Cruz, CA where she was born and raised and lives with her family.